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"Our Specialized Coaches"

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1941 Pontiac End-Loading Limousine-Style Combination with coach work by Superior:

A very fine original combination coach by Superior. One very special option that this coach has is that it is a three-way combination, the only one we have ever seen. Slide-out rollers extend from the side doors allowing the coach to be loaded from either side.

The straight-eight Pontiac "Silver Streak" engine runs very well. The exterior features a black finish, wide white wall tires, two red spot/warning lights, an under-hood siren, a windshield mounted "Funeral Coach" sign and a side mounted spare tire. All five wheel covers have a brass plate with the original owner's initial "M." Even the original cot is still with the coach, and it has the owner's nameplates, reading "N.R. Moore," placed on each side.

The rear compartment of this coach features a sliding glass divider window, flip-over rollers, draperies, roll-up shades and flower trays. A great pre-WWII funeral car.

Our Horse-Drawn Carriage offers a serene service away from the technology of the day. The gentle hoof beats of the horses pulling the carriage transport us to a world of days gone by.

The scene offers a certain tranquility that helps us to understand all of nature. Ducro Funeral Services is here to serve you in this difficult stage of your life. Ask us how we can help.